My name is Lars Was, I’m a teacher with more than 15 years of experience and a healthy interest in ICT. I’m looking for new ways of learning and teaching that connect more with 21st century needs.

In my opinion, our traditional education is in need of a serious make-over. Not a little tweak here and there, but a genuine new approach that places the student up front and prepares him/her for the future. Emerging technologies can play a big role in this educational revolution. We live in a “smart” world these days, a place where technology is ominous. So, digital literacy, 21st century skills and lifelong learning aren’t just happy circumstances, but vital for our children’s future.

On my blog you may expect a critical note, tips and ideas to do things differently, but also the struggles that cross my path. Feel free to participate in the comment section. Maybe we can learn from each other, point out strengths and weaknesses or maybe just listen to a different idea.

I teach geography and ict/computer science in a secondary school. Limburg (Belgium) is where I call home. I live there with my wife Mieke and our Border Collie “Bones”. I love to hike, good music, all things Tolkien and practice Tai Chi.