Project Education

Here’s a fine example of teaching in a connectivist way! Check out the video, it’s self explanatory:

We really should be teaching more like this! Such a shame to be dependent on the school system. I know Stephen would say: “Doesn’t matter, do your thing”. Well I tried this a couple of years ago. I set up a project about Global Warming. In my geography class I showed the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” and gave some (geographical) questions the kids had to answer. During another class they talked about the moral and ethical consequences that are involved. And finaly during Computer Science the had to make a document about it, according to a certain layout they had practiced in class. An example of integrating multiple subjects.

However, I wasn’t that happy with the result. I had the feeling that the students were working on a single project but that it could be integrated better. I still felt that it was devided in different subjects. What I would have liked to do is set an afternoon a week aside for a duration of, say 4 or 5 weeks, to work on the project. Different teachers available to talk to about the different subjects of the project, but all together in a room, simultaneously. That way, I think, the students will work at it differently, more as a group, more united because the project is united.

We need to get rid of the curriculum, get rid of government planned subjects. Teachers should have more freedom to create a better way of learning new things.

Anybody got an example of this to? Love to hear about it! Maybe we could set up an international project… who knows!


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