CCK11 Week 2

I just listened to the recorded session from Friday (missed it, but will be back on Wednesday). An interesting contribution about the gRSShopper-system. The idea about the decentralization of the information is quite attractive. I too was one of the people who missed a moodle environment. Just like someone from the chatroom mentioned I’m scared to miss out on something really interesting. But, as was made clear by Stephen, nothing has to be missed…

As it happens, I’m thinking about this very item a lot. I really loath the way certain systems on the internet work. For instance, let’s say I would like to use a chat-system to communicate with my friends. One of the tools I would be likely to use is Messenger. An obvious choice because the people in my environment mostly use this tool. However, I’m not a fan of the Microsoft world, so I don’t want to use Messenger. Instead there are multiple other apps or tools to use, but the problem is that they aren’t compatible with this Messenger systems. I know, I know, I’m being naïve again, but wouldn’t it be great to use the tool of your choice and to be able to connect with anybody. This would be true openness… It would also mean that all software would have to speak a common language and this would probably be one of the “flaws” in my little idea, because all these different sorts of software languages make it possible to create new things, be innovative, let companies compete with eachother, etc. But still, the basic thought would be nice. In a way gRSShopper does this, maybe this could be the beginning of something new, something more integrated and yet personal! Only the future will tell… I also liked the possibility that you can filter information in gRSShopper. No posts about other classes or info about someones daily life, only the ones tagged with something (ex. CCK11) show up.

Also interesting was the thought about the patterns of networks. The place you have in a network, the number of connections you have, it all has an impact on your personal network, but also on everybody else’s! An interesting clip was found by Thomas Baker about the speaker we missed this week: Valdis Krebs. Valdis talks about how he manages his connections on Twitter and how he decides which people to follow and which not. It reminded me of the things talked about on the recording. The patterns are interesting to see develop and take shape. You don’t have to follow everybody, only those who contribute to the things you are interested in. This list represents in a way the things you would like to know. Important consequence of this is the dynamic nature of a network. Because of your shifting interests, it’s most likely that different sorts of people will be part of your network at different times.This doesn’t mean that “the old ones” aren’t interesting anymore, they’re just not what you’re after at that point…

I found it was a difficult but educational week! On to the next one: Knowledge!


3 thoughts on “CCK11 Week 2

  1. I like your post… and I’ve noticed how my skills in ‘Digital Literacy’ is well developed, but in CCK11 I have to admit the ‘Networked Literacy’ is all new to me..

  2. I keep coming back, too, to the idea that networks aren’t really static at all–as you say, they are dynamic. I’m curious about how one would represent such a network, given that the connections strengthen and weaken over time. The “activation” concept that Stephen and George brought up was one I wanted to hear more about, especially as it highlighted the probability of a connection firing, which sounds more dynamic to me.

  3. Hi Lars,

    Great post!

    I really enjoyed your informative summary about the Valdis Krebs video. It is enlightening the way he “introduces” new followers to his connections. In my case, I actually have two Twitter accounts, one in which I simply followed every person who followed me. That quicly filled up. In the other Twitter account, I follow a more selective pattern, similar to what Valdis describes in the video.

    Again, thank you for stopping by my blog, and thank you for the pleasure of reading this great post. Like you, I too am looking forward to Week 3!

    Best regards,

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