What’s in the box?


Found this in the TED archives. It’s a very good talk by Graham Hill about our way of living. Less = More! Less stuff and less space equals smaller footprint, saving money and easy living!

Why do we need so much stuff/possessions? Why are we buying a hole in our wallets? What’s up with that? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pretending I’m any different, but this guy made me think about it. What do you have and what do you really need? Graham talks about 3 approaches

  • Edit
    Cut the extraneous out of your life, think before you buy!
  • Small = Sexy
    Think about space efficiency!
  • Multifunctional
    Consider 1 item that does several things, instead of several items that do just 1…

So simple, yet so efficient! I think we really need to think about what we are gathering in the course of our lives… Talk a walk in your home and try to identify all the things in all your rooms that you could do without. I dare you!


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