Mobile Learning

Interesting infograph (by StudyBlue) about how students use/learn with their smartphones. The way we learn is definitely changing. Smartphones will be a part of it, I think. I just don’t know how exactly. Some time ago I lurked the MobiMOOC for a while and listened to Zoraini Wati Abas as part of the Change11 MOOC. It gave me an idea of how smartphones could be used. Things I gathered were:

  • sending students reminders/tips/encouragements as texts
  • engage with students on the go during an excursion/school trip/…
  • letting students take and share photos taken with their smartphone camera
  • letting them create little videos of their project
  • creating little portfolio posts while working with others
These are just a few of the possibilities. Again, I’m not quite sure how to effectively integrate a device like a smartphone in an environment of 12 – 18 year olds, but I’m feeling a buzz in the air when contemplating the opportunity.

How would you use a smartphone in class?

Mobile Studying & Online Flashcards on Smartphones [Infographic]


3 thoughts on “Mobile Learning

  1. Interesting idea! I think it could be very effective at further globalization of the classroom to the point that any student could be sitting in a live lecture able to participate on the otherside of the world. Obviously, this would be more effective with an ipad for more display space.

    Right now, as I am sure you know, universities are using clickers. There has been some good and bad feedback, as there exists with anything. The idea of the clicker is to give students an anonymous capability to answer in class, and gives professors the opportunity to get more consistent and full participation. Although, it is hand-held and wireless, similar to a phone, at the end of the day you are still giving them something that is NOT their own iphone. This is where the iphone could be an advantage, with disadvantages as well.

    I think the bottom line is we are a long ways from figuring out what is the optimal way to use current, and better yet, tomorrows technology in the classroom.

    Keep reaching for your full potential.

  2. I am very interested in ways to use mobile learning in higher education distance learning courses. I imagine in some ways this would be different than the 12-18 year olds that you mention, but that bullet list of ideas you have gathered from the MOOCs is very helpful and could be adapted for use for higher education. A lot of universities are starting to look at electronic portfolios, so incorporating mobile devices to contribute to a portfolio is a point I intend to bring up in our discussions.

    Also, I am obsessed with infographics right now. Thanks for sharing this.

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