iPad Class Experience part 4

no wifiStill no luck with the WiFi connection, but we “managed” to complete our goals of the second lesson with the aid of some netbooks along side the iPads. On monday 1 last ultimate effort to get the iPads working on our school network, keep your fingers crossed!

But, where technology let us down, the students were quite motivated to work on their assignments. Very few of them tried out some iPad games or surfed the web for their Facebook page. They were focussed and worked pretty much to the point, which was great. They didn’t need all that much help from us teachers! The iPad motivates them intrinsically, I wonder how long this would last in the long run. What is students own an iPad all year lang? Will the be motivated to work with them or not? In the end, it probably comes down to the teacher. It’s what we tell them to do and how to do it, that makes the students want to do it. Sure, the iPad is fun and new and trendy, but it’s all about the engaging apps and new ways of communicating and sharing that make the difference.
Week 2, here we come!


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