iPad Class Experience part 5

Yes! Yes! Yes! Today was a good day! No problems connecting to the WiFi-network, all the iPads were working perfectly and, not to forget, the students were having a good time! It was simply amazing, they only needed half a word of explaining and off they went. They figured out how to work with Blurb, Comic Life, iMovie or Keynote. These were the four apps they could use to present their country. Surfing the web for usable photos, creating a daily view of their “imaginary vacation”. Haven’t looked at them all, but the first results are amazing. They are so much more interesting then a piece of paper containing the exact same content.

The students really liked their assignments and just loved working with the iPad. It was like heaven. A crowded and buzzing classroom filled with students engaging with each other and creating new content. Just great! It is such a shame I can’t keep the iPad’s forever. It really would make the difference! Also using apps, creative apps, to present was innovative. They really felt they were creating something of value, something that mattered.



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