iPad Class Experience Conclusion

It’s been far too long, since I last posted anything on this blog. I’ve been busy with my teaching in general and my studies. But here it is: the conclusion to my iPad Project. What did we learn, what did the students think of it, what tips can I give you all. I can start with telling you all it’s been a terrific journey. I learned so much in only 2 weeks time, amazing!


Well, here it goes:


  • The students loved the iPad! Not only as a gadget, but also as a tool to learn new things. They enjoyed the team assignments and working together.
  • Facebook too was a hit. Although I didn’t get the feeling we got the most out of it.
  • Although I wasn’t sure during the project, the students always knew what was expected of them. We created a document containing all the things they had to look up or gather, which was a good thing!


  • The network problems we encountered in the beginning were a bit of a bummer. But thanks to our ICT-team, we managed to create a workaround so we could proceed!
  • Blurb is great app, but iMovie can do much more…
  • Time was a problem. We did our project in 4 periods of 50′, which is very tight! One more period would’ve made all the difference. Consider what you want to achieve and then make sure you have time to spare (in advance)!


  • Check your local network! Work closely with your ICT-department, they are your number one source for help.
  • Play around with the apps you need. It’s not necessary to “teach” them to your students, they will just “dive in”, but they will manage too! Once and a while they just need a quick guideline to continue and it’s here where your expertise is appreciated!
  • Create a document, website,… where students can go if they loose track of what is expected of them. Create an anchor!

Things I haven’t figured out yet

  • How can you encourage your students to be more active on Facebook, fora, etc.
  • And most of all, how do you assess their online engagement?

I loved my little project so much, I’m already working on another. Not with iPads, this time it’s about writing! Students making a blog and using it effectively in different classes!

Keep you posted!



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