A couple of weeks ago I signed up for Pinterest. This new and fast growing social medium was something that caught my eye. Sharing images you like with others may not seem all that interesting, however, Pinterest could work as a graphic version of Diigo or Delicious! Creating multiple “boards” to post “pins” on, enables you to archive and share certain websites you like. Collecting recipes, book covers of the books you’ve read, the music albums you listen to, the movies you’ve watched,…

The possibilities for education are equally real, I think. Students and teachers could make good use of this web 2.0 tool. Here are some tips I collected online:

  • Offer quality sources for an assignment by sharing a board you created.
  • Create boards, so students can share resources for a project.
  • Students can curate their own artwork.
  • Set up a board for a class discussion.
  • Create a board where students can post their work (movie, image, etc.)

Only yesterday Pinterest updated their terms of agreement. A lot of the hassle surrounding these terms was the section about Pinterest gaining the right to sell your pins, even if they were copyright protected and if so, YOU as a user could be sued, not Pinterest! Work in progress they call it, fortunately this step is one in the right direction…

Check it out, if you haven’t already, and look for ways to use it in your classroom.


4 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. Excellent ideas on how to better use Pinterest than for marketing and the typical social sharing.
    I signed up for Pinterest awhile back, got accepted, and went to work for a bit on the boards… until all the legal liabilities came to the surface.

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