Blogging Stories part 1

man writing a contractAfter the exams, an enjoyable holiday and a school trip, the students received their writing assignments. The language teachers I worked with, handed out an overview of what to do so the students could start blogging as of today (you can find the handout here). Basically they have to write a story of their own.

Storytelling is such an important thing, I think. Telling, or in this case writing, a story is a skill all of us should come in contact with. Telling your friends about something, writing about your holiday, explaining the intricacies of an experience,… we love to do this. Learning how to do it better will create a better understanding and thus will improve learning in general. Being able to see a storyline in front of you enables one to see things clearly, in focus. So it makes a good learning resource!

I’ll keep you informed on how it goes.



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