PG eLearning & Digital Didactics – Final Thoughts

Ok, my post-graduate course about eLearning & Digital Didactics is over. Well, that is to say all assignments are completed, I presented my final project and am now in great anticipation of graduation day! I felt the need to give a quick overview of the course and the things I’ve learned.

[ED+ict] is a research unit of the Limburg University College (KHLim) in Hasselt – Belgium. I came in contact with them after a search to give my career in education a new twist. The course got my attention because it was designed for people who wanted to work and study at the same time. Also the course content was something that I thought was a new and refreshing view on education. It made me feel like I wanted to be part of this new community of people that are set on changing education for the better, no matter what!

We started of with 5 students, all from different backgrounds. Marianne (social worker), Isabel (automotive industry), Veronique (pharmaceutical company), Tony (health care) and me (teacher). A very diverse group of people, but this was an advantage for me! Engaging with people from very different backgrounds opened my eyes tremendously. Over the months we became a close group, exchanging insights and thoughts about our different approaches to eLearning in our different settings.

If I had to choose one thing that has “stirred” me the most, I would have to say that it was coming into contact with Connectivism. This new understanding of knowledge and learning in a network, has shed a very exiting light on education for me. But the other modules of the course were enlightening too! Another advantage was that participating in a course like this obligates you to work the content and try out new things, whereas browsing the internet on your own, in search of new ideas, can be a bit challenging. I’m glad I had the opportunity to learn so many new things and new people. My network grew exponentially. I gathered insights I never could’ve dreamed of in the past. So, I can happily say this course has become a springboard to a new level in education for me. But, hungry as I’ve become, already looking for new undertakings and project for the future!


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