iPads in the Classroom part 1

I assembled a group of people who wanted to think about creating a 1:1 iPad project in our school. The idea is to create a core group to think about the way this is done. What are the benefits of using an iPad? What should we use this device for? How do I integrate this in my classroom?

I started with a simple overview of the possibilities at hand and some background information on the subject. A number of people were excited to participate in this project and we decided to congregate another time to steadily work towards a more profound and structured method.

Questions that rose during our first session were:

  • Why the iPad and not Android systems?
  • What about the costs involved?
  • How can our school assist financially challenged families?
  • Does this mean books are gone?
  • Do we have the necessary technical facilities and knowhow to complete this project?

A lot of stuff to think about, as we will do in our later sessions.

Keep you posted!


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