iPads in the Classroom part 3


App StoreYesterday we had a third meeting concerning our project. This time the goal was to demonstrate some apps to give my colleagues an idea of what is possible, enabling them to “translate” the apps to their own courses. I started out with the built-in apps of the iPad, since they are already very useful in education. After a brief discussion about iCloud and its possibilities in the classroom, I offered a few suggestions:

After the presentation we discussed implementing the device in our pilot group, resulting in enrolling in several training sessions. We also decided to inform our superiors of our thoughts and intentions because important decisions have to be made concerning the financial aspects of the project, something we can not do alone. Our goal still is to equip 1 group of students (and teachers) with an iPad. We think half the students of this group will already have a device of their own, so we need to work out a financial program for the other half. Currently we are thinking about the school buying the devices and handing them out to the students. They will need to pay back the device in a way suitable to their own capabilities. This payment plan will result in the students owning the device after paying for it in smaller amounts each month.

A number of colleagues want to explore the possibilities of using Android devices instead of the iPad, due to financial benefits. This is something that will have to be researched in depth by the teachers who already own an Android system. We’ll have to discuss the pro’s and con’s of both platforms.

To be continued!


One thought on “iPads in the Classroom part 3

  1. Hi Lars

    Glad to hear things are progressing 🙂

    You may have seen it already, but we’re loving the app called ‘Explain Everything’ at the moment, we wrote a blog post about it here: Explain Everything

    Let me know if you’d like me to put you in touch with our project team, they’d be happy to help if you have any questions at any time.



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