iPads in the Classroom part 4

OK, we had a meeting with our principals. They were brought up-to-date of our plans to start using iPads in a classroom. After a keynote to present our intentions and how and why we would like to implement our ideas, we discussed the whole project and a couple of the finer points to elaborate on. Pedagogically they agreed with our vision of how to use the iPad (i.e. to support our teaching, not simply the need to implement technology) but expressed concerns about the financial aspect (just a we thought). We already worked out the outlines of a financial plan to make the project feasible even for less well-of parents. This is an important pillar of our institute, to include everybody in everything we do, regardless of anything!

So, our group knows what to do: work hard to create the perfect financial plan. Not an easy task, but we shall prevail!

Take care.


2 thoughts on “iPads in the Classroom part 4

  1. Hi Lars

    Could you justify some of the cost by evidencing the savings on things like printing?

    I read recently that a college here in the UK saves approx £50k per year by giving all of their students iPads!


    • We are still looking into how we can eliminate other costs from the student invoices. Savings on things like photocopies will certainly be among them! On the other hand, currently, the biggest expenses are to be found in books. The problem at this stage is that teachers are not (yet) ready to drop them and just start using the iPad. For a solution we came up with the “teacher year” in our project. The idea is to use next school year to let teachers use the device in the classroom and gradually rework their course materials. This is something that takes time, you can’t expect teachers to change materials over the summer.

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