IC2-3 Visual Presentation Project

In session 3, a visual representation of our projects was to be presented, along with an update. Here’s mine:


iPad Project Visual Representation

Constructing this Project Map was enlightening, because it forced me to think about certain aspects of the project. Though I’m sure that this isn’t a complete picture, I was a little surprised by the scale of it. Of course, implementing something like this in a school brings about a lot of issues. My interpretation started with three major items: the pedagogical, technological and financial aspects, the latter being the part where we are currently working at. I also found it useful to think about the different participants. The people involved, how will they experience this change? What will they think? How can we help them in their change. Lastly, I included some questions we are asking ourselves. Naturally, this list will never be complete, but it gives an idea of where we’re at.

During our discussion, new tips arose that could come in handy:

  • Don’t start with “difficult” people when implementing change.
  • Exploration of tools as change strategy, start with tools you know.
  • Change takes time and many iterations.
  • Having someone “at elbow” can be beneficial.
  • Working in pairs or smaller groups instead of alone can be beneficial.

So far so good. Keep you posted on my further adventures…


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