IC2-5 Research and Evaluation

Action research – Design research

Where action research is trying to implement change through small-scale intervention, design research look to create something. In this session we discussed the differences and how either could work beneficial in our projects. In the process of implementing tablets in my institute I’m currently mostly working on design research. In our group we are trying to create new ways of teaching (i.e. with a tablet) and we’re looking for  ways to implement this device as smoothly as possible.

As action research is more about intervention, I anticipate this kind of work will be explored as we move on to buying the different devices and actually using them in the classroom!

Questionnaires – Interviews – Observations

These tools can be very useful to use to receive date from our project. As we move on to the more concrete part of the project, when we are working with the tablets in the classroom, I’ll try to monitor the students and teachers in their change from traditional learning to e-learning. For the moment, I’m trying to talk with as many people as possible to gain as much knowledge on how to proceed with the project, but also to get a feel of where they stand in all this change. I find it important to do this personally to create a feeling of trust and allow for a climate where nothing is taboo and everything can be discussed. I’ll try to collect all the data from these talks and implement them in the next meeting we have scheduled. Hopefully this can help to keep the thinking process alive and generate useful and concrete solutions for the different tasks that lie ahead.


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