IC2-6 Project Reflection – Feedback

Again, I stand on the brink on concluding a module at SHU. The “Change & Innoviation” part of our course has ended with this last session. Wrapping up our papers on a change project of our choice is the last thing left and then on to our dissertation year!

In this final session, we discussed our different projects again and the difficulties we’ve encountered, so that people had the opportunity to give some tips and tricks to improve our writing. It was enlightening in that I need to find the balance to report on the project, but also on what I’ve learned. While implementing change, chaotic things can happen, hereby changing the initial goals set by the project. Here are some things I want to work on some more:

  • What did I set out to do and how did I work it out?
  • What strategy did I find myself using?
  • Reflections from colleagues on my own role.
  • Step away from the change and talk on my role in the project.

Implementing collected data from different stakeholders about the project, is another item on my list. As the data is still coming in, I need to find ways to turn it into a coherent story on what I have learned, not only on how the change-project has evolved. Still a lot of work to do, but again this journey proved to be very instructive and has changed my view on the way change has to be achieved in an organization.


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