Blogging Stories “The Sequel”


WordpressI started blogging with my students again. This time 3 teachers are joining me! The assignment is the same in that the students have to create a story using a blogging platform to convey their writings, but also to give feedback on each other. The only difference is that I used a different platform to create the blog. I switched from Tumblr to WordPress because we had some difficulties last year when trying to give feedback to students who were already using Tumblr (had to do with primary and secondary blogs – see Tumblr Settings). I’ve had some great experiences using WordPress and felt that the students were competent enough to use this platform over the Tumblr experience. Another advantage was that the teachers could give comments without first creating an account (although I suggested they create a “school-e-mailaddress” to comment the different blogs while maintaining their privacy).

Like last year, I started with introducing the students to the WordPress-platform and showing them the basics in setting-up a blog. Then, the languages teachers gave their assignments and the students started blogging. One thing I noticed, was they had difficulty in finding each others blog, although we agreed upon using a specific method of creating the WordPress URL. Also, a couple of students showed a lack of digital literacy when figuring out different settings on their own. I thought about this and found that this can only be resolved if more teachers make good use of tools like blogs. This assignment may just be too small to have the desired effect on the students. Therefor I will be introducing next year students to blogging much earlier in the school year, so they have a platform to use even in other courses and create more of a portfolio than just a blog for this one assignment. To be continued…


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