postachioThought I’d mention this new (beta) tool that turns your Evernote notebook into a blog! I must admit, I’m crazy about these kind of add-ons and since I’m a vivid fan of Evernote, I had to try this one out.

Once you create an account, you just locate the notebook containing the notes you want to use as blogposts. All notes are considered drafts until you tag them with “published”. So no worries if your note/blogpost isn’t quite as you want it. Only a couple of bells and whistles to distract you from the main goal that is writing:

  • some themes
  • auto-sharing
  • disqus connection
  • optional use of markdown

A very simple, yet effective and elegant tool to create your own digital spot, without the hassle of setting-up and maintaining an elaborate blogging tool.

The fact that Evernote keeps on growing like this, with all these new tools and hacks, is something that appeals to my interest. Starting from the solid note-taking app that is Evernote, you can build from that to collect, write and share your stuff with the world.

Check this one out!


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