I’ve been looking for a decent bookmark aggregator and tried out Diigo, Delicious even Pinterest. But none of them did the job like I wanted to. Recently I came across this new tool called “Bitly”. Mostly known for the URL shortening service, but they also let you collect bookmarks, sort them into different “bundles” (folders) and share them easily with your social network(s). I like using bitly because it’s very easy to collect and share bookmarks and it’s got a very appealing look.

I’m planing on using the service in geography class. Every year the students have to create a portfolio of recent geographical events that occur during the school year. I always had to carry a lot of paper home to correct and then back again. Not any more. From now on, my students will have to “bitmark” (bookmark) their links to recent articles about geography and only share the link to their designated bundle (folder) for the assignment.  Easy-peasy!

If you’re looking for a new way to collect the stuff you come across on the internet, you should check this out.


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