DS1 – Research

It’s dissertation time! This year I’ll be working on my own research. It’s all somewhat foggy at the moment. I find it hard to choose from different topics and how to get started on the project.
During our first session we talked about a number of things that we should keep in mind to smoothen the dissertation ride:
  • don’t wait until you finish before you start (writing)
  • don’t go to meetings with your supervisor without knowing what you want to ask or discuss (make a list)
  • create the document on day one and keep it up to date as you go
  • don’t change your mind half-way through
  • read stuff before and during the study (set aside 2 hours per week)
  • allow 3 weeks minimum between finishing and submitting
  • share your work with others and take an interest in theirs
  • make a plan, share it with your supervisor and keep it updated
  • choose a topic that you care about and that you really want to find out more about
  • become a research bore with the family – tell them what you are doing and why
For now I tend to lean towards working around the subject of technology enhanced learning. I’ve always been interested by new tools and ideas that could streamline the work process of a teacher. Not only for the sake of using a computer or a new tool, but because it matters. Students will be better prepared and will come into contact with new tools themselves. Hoping to make the best of it.

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