DSx – Talking With Marianne

A second informal meeting, this time with Marianne. We talked about each others work and how to deal with certain aspects of the research. We both seemed to be struggling with what to do next. I seemed we needed to define our research better. What is it we wanted to research? What people would we like to work with? What case-scenario’s are we talking about? Also, we talked about our proposal plan due next session, more specifically the literature we were about to use for our research and how to keep track of referencing it all.
Again, I found that talking with fellow students is always a joy and a relief. We could whine about the our struggles to each other and offer suggestions to overcome certain struggles. Although working on different topics, which makes consulting other students harder, we managed to offer little insights, tips and tricks about the context of the respective topics.

One thought on “DSx – Talking With Marianne

  1. Loved our chats too and missed them lately! So let’s plan another chat, online or IRL, soon. But let’s first finish our dissertations, shall we? 🙂

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