The Web 2.0 Classroom

We’re 10 weeks into the new school year. Time to do a small evaluation of the things I do in the classroom.

Class Blog

My class blog ‘‘ (in Dutch) is growing steadily. I’m still providing extra information about the things we discuss and I’d like to think that slowly but surely students are picking up on that. They know they have this place online where they can go to. I still think that work needs to be done to get to where I want to be, but I’m heading in the right direction.

During the first 10 weeks I’ve updated my blog a couple of times in terms of adding more stuff to the website. For instance adding a calendar where the lesson subjects and assignments can be found. But also adding links to the students blogs. This way they can find each other on the list.

I’m hoping to achieve some sort of reflex with my students that they spontaneously reach for the information on the website when they have to work something out.


My students are using twitter to inform me on their progress on assignments. As with the class blog, I’m hoping they will expand their use of this social network. I’m planning on offering them interesting followers etc. so their network can be more substantial. On the other hand, I realize that Twitter isn’t for everybody. By that I mean that some of my students will get the hang of it, other just won’t be interested in the medium. Which is just fine!

I glad that other teachers are picking up on Twitter as well! Some of my colleagues started using it with their students after a teacher training I provided in my school. They were curious about the potential and after our little chat were eager to try it out for themselves.


I cannot say that much about this tool, simply because I haven’t worked with it extensively. Students have to collect links for an assignment due in May, but no other assignments were given to this point in time.


It took some time, but I got my students blogging. Some of them weren’t as digital literate as I thought and needed more help constructing an “About me” page and new blog posts. However, the train is rolling and they have found their way. Due for the (near) future is to get other teachers blogging with their students as well. The student blogs are ready to use, my colleagues just have to find useful and creative digital assignments.


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