Scaling Down


I started 2014 with scaling down on the number of web 2.0 tools I use. I found that several of them were obsolete or redundant, so I decided to clean up! After a long time of trying out and tweaking, partly because I wanted to know their potential for use in the classroom, the sheer number of tools was getting a bit much for me. Sometimes it’s good to size down and just stick with the essentials, and that’s exactly what I did. Here’s what I stuck with:

  • Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Social Bookmarking: Delicious, Flipboard, Zite
  • Blogging Platform: WordPress
  • Cloud Storage/Note-taking: Dropbox, Evernote

less is more

Tools I still need to clean up are my Facebook and Google account. My Facebook is essentially an empty account, just to hold on to those connections that just don’t exist on any other platform. However, I’m currently assessing the need for these lingering connections. I’m pretty sure, I’ll hit that kill switch pretty soon, as I’m finding out that I really don’t need to know what people had for breakfast or what games they are playing… My Google account is only still “alive” because I need it for my MSc. course. On graduation day, I’m saying goodbye to all things Google. Believe me when I say this is a hard thing to do!

I found scaling down to be somewhat difficult. A lot of tools were very handy, but I started to realize that a lot of their tasks could be done in other ways with other tools, hence the clean-up. Somehow, I feel relieved. Things feel more manageable now. I have the tools I like to work with on all my devices and know exactly where to find my stuff, making me far more efficient and focussed.


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