DS Tutorial 1

Just had my first DS tutorial with my supervisor professor Guy Merchant. We had a great talk on my work so far. We started of by discussing my research questions for the DS and then looking at the text itself to see how I structured it to tell my story. As we walked through my DS, I was glad to hear that my work so far was solid. Professor Merchant had some helpful tips and new sources for me to explore. These new points of view were most welcome because it added a new and fresh perspective on the matter. Suddenly new path became visible! An overview:

  • The ladder of activity for users of online social media (Bernoff 2010) suggests progression, but is that the case? Do we all aspire to be creators? Can we be a creator in one field and just a spectator in another?
  • Look at these sources:
    • Howard Rheingold – information overload/filter failure.
    • Axel Bruns – Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life, and Beyond: From Production to Produsage
    • James Gee – his work on affinity spaces.
    • Henri Jenkins – Confronting the challenges of participatory culture.
    • Caroline Haythornthwaite – Strong, weak and latent ties and the impact of new media.
    • Mimi Ito – Connected learning
    • Recent work on PLN by BJET (British Journal of Educational Technology).
After a couple of referencing questions I had, we had a look at the first draft of my survey questions and the accompanying information and consent form for the participants.

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