DS Tutorial 3

Submitting my first draft was an empowering feeling. I felt like I had accomplished something. Proud of my work, I awaited prof. Merchants remarks. He was pleased with the results so far, but also had some suggestions for improving my work. We talked about the literature review, referencing and trimming down the rough edges of the text. Next up was my research itself. It was made clear to me that I needed to divide my work into sections as to create a better picture of what I had done, why I had done it and what the results were. I sort of got most of that in my first draft, but all this information needed its own place. We discussed how I should be going about that and came to an understanding.
These tutorials truly are an important part of this dissertation. I always feel that talking with someone who has a fresh and unbiased view on it, puts everything into perspective. I tend to notice my own flaws while discussing the overall work with the professor. Reflecting on what I have already done, also proved interesting since I needed to keep track of everything. This in itself, creating this roadmap, was also an important step in the creation process. It offered clarity and a purpose.
Currently working on the last pieces of text for my final draft and at the end of the month, the TELIC course will come to an end.


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