DS The End

I’ve passed my dissertation and therefore my master in Technology Enhanced Learning, Innovation and Change at Sheffield-Hallam University. It has been an incredible ride! I learned a lot, met interesting people and gained a better understanding about technology and education. I still want to expand my knowledge and experience, but I’m glad that this part of my journey is complete.

I’m proud of my work. I got to write about the things I hold very dear and want to see used in education in a more balanced way than is now the case. My research on the connected educator made me think about the process of implementing technology and especially the necessary skills teachers need to have. A different mindset about how we will teach and what is to be expected of our students is one of the things I found to be very important. 21st skill are different from last century’s. We do need to consider using different tools to prepare our students for that new world that is emerging. So, try to connect to other interesting people out there through various social media. Engage with them. Ask questions. Experiment in your own classroom and try to do “the other thing”. It’s worth the effort, you’ll see!


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