TELIC Conference 2015

Yesterday, I attended the 11th TELIC conference at Hasselt – Belgium. It’s a gathering of students and graduates from the Technology Enhanced Learning, Innovation and Change MSc. course at Sheffield-Hallam University. We come together to talk about new theories and tools in the field of education and technology. This year the main subject was MOOCs, accompanied by a couple of practical sessions on a wide range of insights from the community members. Yesterday proved another successful edition.
A while back we got the unfortunate news that SHU will no longer be offering the TELIC-course which got us thinking about keeping our community (of about a hundred people) alive. With a repository of 84 dissertations and experts in a wide range of fields (educational, technological, pedagogical …), we felt the need to go on with our research and find ways to share this knowledge in a more open way. Therefor the TELIC community will be publishing its first journal: “The Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning, Innovation and Change” – ISSN (online) 2049-7385. Through this journal, you will get the opportunity to access the community’s work.

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